NOVEMBER 15, 2023

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Be a part of a good act to help a young person’s journey towards a successful future that they deserve

CASA of Cook County invites you to partake in The Good Act on November 15, 2023 via Zoom at 7 P.M. Join CASA of Cook County in good acts of service for children and youth in our community that seeks justice, advocacy and resources for them. Register now (there’s no cost) to attend Cook County’s premier fall event. Although we are not gathering in person, this event is the single largest fundraising event for CASA and is critical to our ability to continue to serve our most vulnerable population. 

Your support will help CASA of Cook County to continue to close the CASA advocacy gap for children and youth in Chicago and Cook County. Your support will also improve life outcomes in the academic performance, college and career readiness, mental and physical health, development growth and family well-being for the 700 children and teens that we currently serve.


Our Three Part Act

act one

The Basic Needs

Most children in foster care do not go into foster care with everyday necessities such as toothbrushes, soap, lotion etc. This act is to help raise money to help provide children with those basic necessities.

the ask of this act

Raise $250

(Ask 50 people to donate $5 each)

act two

Meeting the modern world

In this modern world of technology, children need items that make it possible to learn and thrive. Since COVID, schools have been leaning more on technology, even while in class. Children in foster care fall behind because of lack of access to online books, homework, or the internet. This act is to help raise money for educational technology such as computers and tablets, to keep children learning, no matter the obstacle.

the ask of this act

raise $500

(Ask 50 people to donate $10 each)

act three

Casa needs a permanent home

Our children and youth that we serve need a neutral place that they can meet their volunteer, parent, guardian or siblings. This is our last act and finale. CASA of Cook County needs a home for the children and youth that we serve and you can help us with that. 

the ask of this act

raise $1,500

(Ask 50 people to donate $30 each)