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Team Avalon

GOAL: $500


The National CASA/GAL Association for Children supports and promotes court-appointed volunteer advocacy for children and youth who have experienced abuse or neglect. This best-interest advocacy makes a life-changing difference for children and youth who have experienced abuse or neglect, many of whom are in foster care. Serving every child is possible, but we cannot do it alone.

Give today to be a part of ensuring that children of all backgrounds are given a safe haven of their own.

About Avalon

Avalon, or Insula Avallonis, the legendary island of Celtic mythology, is where, according to some sources, King Arthur’s Excalibur sword was forged.

Avalon has been, for centuries, a mythical place that symbolizes purity, abundance and magic. It is a terrestrial utopia and, at the same time, a point of political reference where rulers and their knights were brave, honest and virtuous, a harmonious bridge between the earthy and the celestial, between what is and what some would like it to be.

about the gala

Your support will help CASA of Cook County to continue to close the CASA Advocacy gap for children and youth in Chicago and Cook County. Your support will also improve life outcomes in the academic performance, college and career readiness, mental and physical health, developmental growth and family well-being for the 600 children and teens we current serve.