The 17,000 children in protective custody in Illinois need your help! Right now, the Illinois Senate is considering legislation (HB 2497) that would give children who have experienced abuse and neglect a voice by funding Court Appointed Special Advocate programs like CASA of Cook County. Call or email your Senator now and ask them to vote yes on HB247!


Find your Senator here.


What to say/write:

Hello my name is ___________,
I’m a constituent from (Your City) , and a supporter of Court Appointed Special Advocates
(CASA). I’m calling to express my support for House Bill 2497. CASA programs give children a
voice and fights for their right to safe, permanent, and loving homes. I urge you to vote yes on
HB 2497. Thank you.

Added Points

• Safety: Less than 1%of children assigned a CASA re-entered protective care in 2018. There
were no child deaths when a CASA was appointed.
• Permanency: Children assigned a CASA have shorter lengths of time in protective care. 39%
of children assigned a CASA left the foster care system vs. DCFS’s case closure rate of 25%.
• Well-Being: CASA volunteers are trained to advocate in court for the educational needs and
physical and mental health needs of children. Our volunteers are the one consistent, caring adult
connection throughout a child’s time in protective care.


See the status of the bill here.

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