Safe Babies Court

CASA of Cook County is part of the Early Childhood Court Team (ECCT)

The Early Childhood Court Team (ECCT) is a therapeutic dependency court, often referred to as “Safe Babies Court,” that utilizes judicial leadership informed by the developmental needs of infants and toddlers ages zero to three. The court will prioritize the well-being of very young children that have been exposed to early life trauma. CASA of Cook County is one of the partners in the collaboration which includes the Illinois Department of DCFS, Cook County Juvenile Court, Erikson Institute, and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Less than 1% of US Family Courts have a Safe Babies Court. CASA of Cook County is honored to be a partner in this select program.

As the newest member of this collaboration, CASA of Cook County will be bringing the proven outcomes of the CASA advocate model to further ensure that Cook County’s youngest and most vulnerable members receive every possible support to achieve safety and permanency. We will be specifically recruiting volunteers with professional backgrounds in early childhood and healthcare to serve as CASA advocates for the children in the Safe Babies Court. 

The following outcomes have been documented for children involved in Safe Babies Court:

99% of the children did not suffer further abuse while in the program


Children reached permanency three times faster than peers not in the program, and the primary outcome was reunification 


97% of the children and their families received needed services and made progress toward intervention goals