Project Description

Monique, Nikki, and Patrick

The Situation

Two sisters, 14-year-old Monique and 15-year-old Nikki, and their 12-year-old brother Patrick, had been in the foster care system for eight years. They were about to be adopted by their foster parent when their Advocate discovered the parent had problems with alcohol abuse.

CASA Steps In

Although the children were taken away from the foster home, there wasn’t time to find a temporary home for them together, so they were split up. Their Advocate knew they wanted to be together and began working on a way to make that happen.

The Outcome

The Advocate found a loving aunt who’d been wanting to adopt the children for years. Although she was a great candidate, she hadn’t been considered because the children were already involved in the adoption process with their previous foster parent. Thanks to their Advocate, Nikki and Patrick are now living with their aunt and Monique is hopefully not far behind.