Project Description


Why did you decide to become a CASA volunteer?

I thought it was an effective way to help children in need. I like the variety of duties, the court advocacy and the direct impact on a specific child.

Do you have any advice for other CASA volunteers?

Have patience. It is like raising kids of your own: you aren’t going to get immediate feedback on your good deeds. You have to decide for yourself if you‘re having an impact. In my case, the answer is a resounding “yes.” After a few months of reporting to the judge, she now doesn’t start a court meeting without first reading my report.

What has been one of your most memorable moments as a CASA volunteer?

My most memorable moment as a CASA volunteer was probably when the Judge complimented me on my efforts. What keeps you motivated on your case? Remembering that I have built relationships with these kids. I want to model adult consistency and loyalty. I am invested and know I am making a difference with “my two girls.”