Project Description


Why did you decide to become a CASA volunteer?

I always wanted to volunteer on behalf of abused and neglected children. I found out about the CASA program in a child psychology class in college, and couldn’t wait to become one when I graduated.

Do you have any advice for other CASA volunteers?

Make your reports concise and only describe the most meaningful events. You will wow your judge.

What has been one of your most memorable moments as a CASA volunteer?

In my first court appearance for the case, I realized how valuable my report was when the judge made decisions immediately after reading it. I love my judge. As easy as it is to get cynical about the juvenile justice system, it’s important to appreciate that there are many wonderful people (like CASA advocate supervisors!) who work hard every day to protect abused children and heal broken families.

What keeps you motivated on your case?

My kid has had half a dozen case workers in the last year, but I’ve been here the whole time looking out for him. I want him to know he can depend on me.